Banlastic Egypt tackles the plastic pollution issue by aiming to ban single-use plastic items by supplying and developing alternative eco-friendly products, delivering training and interactive workshops, organising clean-up campaigns, organising various environmental activities, supporting other eco-projects, and communicating with decision-makers to find solutions to different environmental issues to make decisions that would reduce single-use plastic in Egypt.


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Workshops and Trainings

We aim to build capacities around Egypt for a new generation of environmental leaders to break the centralization pattern.

On the last day of our trainings, we plan for offline green action to explore the real-life applications and the learnt advocacy tools.


We aim to engage and spread awareness among youth, beach visitors, and our community in our public and private beach cleanups.

We segregate the waste and give plastic and metals recycling companies or waste sorters “Elnabbasheen”.

Green Events

Through movie screenings, green conferences, talks and round table discussions of various environmental experts and activists, we raise awareness on single-use plastic and other environmental topics.

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Supporting Green Projects

We work closely with researchers, university and school students who work in fields related to environmental advocacy, science and policies.

Let’s provide solutions and gather new ideas to save the environment!