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Banlastic Egypt Cooperation With ProBlue

Banlastic is tackling plastic pollution in Egypt’s marine and coastal environments through the ProBlue project, beach cleanups, school campaigns, and awareness raising, with plans to enhance single-use plastics bans.


Heating in Winter While Saving Energy

During the frigid winter months, we search for heating sources to keep us warm, neglecting the fact that many of the sources we use to keep us warm are also the ones that raise the global temperature to insufficient levels. As a result, it is critical to investigate less destructive methods of warming ourselves and our earth.


Climate Change and its Impact on Earthquakes

Climate changes make our world unstable, from melting ice, and rising sea levels, to floods and droughts. These disasters lead to environmental destruction and are accompanied by economic and social risks.
But can climate change also affect geological phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes?